Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Tuesday for towns in the Loire Valley - Sancerre

Sancerre in the department of Cher in Centre-Val de Loire is famous for its wines but if you asked anyone outwith Europe or indeed France actually where it is geographically we doubt if many could answer. Most would offer 'the Loire Valley' as their answer but that only begs the question 'where exactly is the Loire Valley'? We attempt to answer this on our homepage. Having been promoting this beautiful region for the last 10 years we find it difficult to understand its marketing strategies. We do *understand its desire to hang on to its traditions but to split its region into the old traditional names (Touraine,Berry,Sologne) to promote its tourism outside of France must surely confuse the potential visitor? 

Our page on Sancerre may help a little...but we can't promise anything! 

* Oddly enough we have fully embraced 'La Touraine' where we are based and think a solution would be to simply (in France?) change our name to 'Touraine Val de Loire'

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