Monday, 30 April 2018

Monday's Loire Valley chateau - Chateau de Breze

On a visit to Chateaux de Breze you actually get two chateaux for the price of one - the Renaissance chateau above ground plus its subterranean counterpart. 


If you haven't already visited this chateau then you should!


Sunday, 29 April 2018

Come on come in from the rain...

We have said it before...the Sapeurs-Pompiers in Le Grand-Pressigny should consider changing the date of their annual brocante as again those April showers have come there way! How unlucky are they, even though there is an obvious association with fire-fighters and water,you have to feel for the organizers! At least their 'Foire aux Vins' will be safe under the cover of the Salle des Fetes'...although perhaps not 'dry'.

Friday, 27 April 2018

Kids and culture in the Loire Valley

Today, during 'Museum Week' the focus is on children's involvement in the cultural heritage. An excellent eample of this can be witnessed at the Prehistory Museum in Le Grand-Pressigny where a lot of effort is put into involving children of all ages.

Image courtesy of Prehistory Museum

They have a dedicated programme aimed at children

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Brocantes / vide greniers in Touraine Sunday 29th April

Brocantes / vide grenier Sunday 29th April

* Up to 50 stalls ** 50 to 100 stalls *** 100 to 200 stalls ****More than 200 stalls    ? Unknown

BLERE  Vide Grenier **
CHINON  Bric-à-brac Saint-louans Chinon **

JOUE LES TOURS  Bric a Brac ?

LE GRAND PRESSIGNY  Vide-greniers **

NOUANS LES FONTAINES  Brocante Vide-greniers **

PAULMY Vide Grenier ?

RILLY SUR VIENNE  Vide-greniers Brocante Marché Foire aux Boudins **

SONZAY  Brocante ?

TOURS  Vide-greniers rue Lamartine ?


Saturday, 21 April 2018

Illuminating Chateau de Blois

A new Sound and Light Show at Chateau de Blois was inaugurated last night for the coming season. It will continue until the 23rd of September. The show tells the history of the chateau by illuminating the walls within its impressive main courtyard. It lasts around 45 minutes covering over a 1,000 years of history.

Opening hours:

21st April to 23rd September: every evening (except 21/06 and 13/07) April, May and September : 10.00pm / June, July and August: 10.30pm


Adult: 10.50 € - reduced price: 9 € - child (aged 6 -17): 6.50 €

Combined ticket (chateau + Sound and Light show): 19.50 € - 15.50 € - 10.50 €

Friday, 20 April 2018

Summer shows up early...but sadly not to last!

Currently enjoying summer temperatures here in the Loire Valley but back to normal (?) next week 17/18 C...which is not so bad really!

Thursday, 19 April 2018

Brocantes / vide greniers in Touraine Saturday 21st / Sunday 22nd April

Brocantes / vide grenier Saturday 21st April

* Up to 50 stalls ** 50 to 100 stalls *** 100 to 200 stalls ****More than 200 stalls    ? Unknown

PREUILLY SUR CLAISE  Brocante de la Foire de la St-georges ***

Brocantes / vide grenier Sunday 22nd April

* Up to 50 stalls ** 50 to 100 stalls *** 100 to 200 stalls ****More than 200 stalls    ? Unknown

AUTRECHE  Vide Grenier *

CHINON  Vide-greniers ***

DRACHE  Vide grenier en Exterieur et Bourse aux Jouets en Salle **

LA VILLE AUX DAMES  Vide-grenier, Fête au Village *****

LOCHES  Vide Grenier

MOSNES  Broc'in Charge Brocante Musicale *

NOYANT DE TOURAINE  Marché de Printemps - Vide Grenier ***

SAINT SENOCH  Brocante Vide Grenier
TOURS  Antiquités Brocante Boulevard Béranger ?

TOURS  Vide-greniers Esplanade François Mitterrand ?

TOURS  Vide-greniers Place Beaujardin ?

VALLERES  Vide-greniers ***

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Brocantes / vide greniers in Touraine + Sunday 15th April

Brocantes / vide grenies Sunday 15th April

* Up to 50 stalls ** 50 to 100 stalls *** 100 to 200 stalls ****More than 200 stalls    ? Unknown

BLERE  Vide-greniers ***

CHANCEAUX SUR CHOISILLE  Brocante Vide-greniers *****

CHEILLE  Puce des Couturières *

CHINON  Vide-greniers, Vide Penderie **

CHINON  Brocante Mensuelle  **

HUISMES  Vide-greniers **

LARCAY  Vide-poussette - Vide Grenier *
LUYNES  Vide-greniers ?

MARRAY  Fête du Village *
RIVIERE  Vide-greniers **
SAINT BRANCHS  Foire à l'Oignon ***

SAINT LAURENT EN GATINES  Brocante Vide-greniers *

TOURS  Vide-greniers Place Stendhal **

Wednesday, 11 April 2018