About us

 I am Jim Craig and since moving to the Loire Valley with my wife Pauline in 2008 I have been trying to expand my knowledge of the area. Our personal experiences have resulted in my website http://www.experienceloire.com  and this blog,

Where I hope my website on the Loire Valley provides helpful information on visiting the region I thought a blog might be a way of keeping people updated as to how we gather our information through our own experiences  . Tourism is central to this region's economy and we see ourselves as 'default tourists' as we live,work and explore the area that is Centre Val de Loire..  

You can visit our website here...

We also have a blog on our day to day living in Southern Touraine,  here...


  1. Dear Jim, I see you are a fellow Scot - many years ago went to Ayr Academy. I now live in Reignac-sur-Indre in a beautiful old mill. I would love it if you and your wife would like to come and visit me. Get in touch, Kirsty

  2. Good afternoon Jim,
    My husband and I are planning a two night stay in Amboise Oct 13 & 14. How can I find out if there are any flea markets that weekend? Or any other significant events to take part in. Any restaurant recommendation? Thank yo in advance.

  3. good afternoon Jim - I am looking for an antique market for 30th September - we are staying in Vernantes and although the websites say 'last Sunday in September' they dont seem to be !

    We are doing the farmers market in Saumur on the saturday but looking for a more antique style market for the Sunday.

    Thank you in advance