Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Pont Wilson Bridge in Tours, France

Pont Wilson Bridge in Tours France

Today we are featuring one of our favourite bridges over the Loire river...the 'Pont Wilson Bridge'in the city of Tours. The photograph above was taken at the beginning of the month on a fine October day. We have said before about how this mighty river doesn't feature that much in the city but at the bridge is where they try and bring it to life. We almost always take a walk up Rue Nationale if we are visiting the city to catch a perfunctory glimpse of the river here and depending on what we find we linger or turn around happy in the fact that river and city life flows on.  

Ferris wheel at the Pont Wilson Bridge by the river Loir in Tours

It is during the summer that this part of river comes alive with  the setting up of 'La guinguette de Tours'  with a diverse range of programmes under the banner of 'Tours sur Loire' . We have only ever visited it during the day but can imagine it must be buzzing on an evening - we will have to give it a go next summer.

La guinguette de Tours on the banks of Loire river in

River Loire flowing under the Pont Wilson bridge in Tours

Away from 'high season' it is a place for reflection.

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