Wednesday, 12 July 2017

What do you do when it rains in the Loire Valley?

Image credit  Nicole Crawford
This spell of unusually wet summer weather had us thinking, what do you do in a region that is best appreciated in sunny weather when it rains?

Chateaux can of course be viewed internally with Cheverny as a perfect example of a well furnished option. Chenonceau and Villandry whose exteriors are a major attraction offer a great inside experience. There is also the smaller but perfectly formed Chateau de Cande with its 'royal' history. One  chateau slightly off the beaten track but worth a view is Château d’Oiron  which is a delight for those seeking something a little quirkier...a gallery of curiosities.

Museums, if that's  your thing, then visiting the city of Tours is a good option with its diverse choice, There are also less obvious choices like the eclectic 'Musee Dufresne' or the tank museum ,the largest in Europe, in Saumur.

Go visit one of the beautiful cathedrals or churches  ... spoilt for choice really!

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