Tuesday, 11 February 2014

'Mamie Bigoude' in Tours...we said we'd be back

After using the facade of this restaurant in our 'Taken in Touraine' feature we decided we' have to check it out - and last Wednesday  we did.

We are really glad we did...it is a very interesting establishment with some quirky room settings and fittings.

Like the balls of wool light fitting in the downstairs dining room - which incidentally has the most absurd collection of tapestries we've seen put together but somehow they seem to belong!

Not quite sure what the styling  is meant to be - there is certainly a 50's influence mixed with the quirkiness.

Upstairs you have a choice of room settings...

...like the bathroom

 ...or the bedroom

Being a Wednesday it filled up quickly with mums and children who all seemed to love the funky atmosphere - because it was busy the service was a little slow but this was made up for by the price of lunch and the surroundings.

The Humphrey Bogart (?) gallete was tasty and the little 'Pot de'Toinette' yummy!

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