Friday, 28 July 2017

A good weekend to be in Southern Touraine in the Loire Valley

This weekend is a good time to be in Southern Touraine. Loches is the place to be, as this weekend as well as having their normal Saturday market there is their free music festival 'Loches en Voix'. We have visited this a few times and it always throws up entertainment by the barrow load and a few surprises. There is also the 'spectacular' at Ciran which is also on both Friday and Saturdy evenings 


On the Friday 28th and Saturday 29th of July 2017, the 7th edition of the festival LOCHES EN VOIX mixes musical genres again ...
For two days, songs from the 30s, blues, swing gipsy, Balkan songs, pop Rock, or Occitan polyphonies will resonate in the superb setting of the public garden, which will host most concerts, in the town centre, on the market and at Saint-Antoine church.
Lovers of good music and conviviality, be there!

Full programme here:

The small village of Ciran where you will be captivated by the performances put on by the village in their annual  'spectacular' show, This year sees a new production being put on for the first time under the banner of 'Alors, on Danse' and if previous years are anything to go by it will indeed be 'spectacular'!

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