Friday, 22 May 2015

Something else for the weekend...

The 'Mix'Terres' festival over the weekend in Blois promises much .... 18 shows (13 free) 

Here is what their website says ...

 "...founded in 2007, under the leadership of the team of the House of Bégon. The intersection of the Arts is the orientation of the festival. Mix'Terres invitation to a journey to the heart of world cultures through artistic disciplines oven: the modern circus, dance, music, street arts. Offer different artistic disciplines is not the Easiest path to go to the general public encounter. HOWEVER Gives the festival this source of innovation, creativity and artistic opening. A Mix'Terres coeducation is not a simple concept, it Sees with milliers icts of spectators from all backgrounds. The event is really well supported by a strong identity, cultural diversity Focused on Enhancing. And this identity is Justified by the Particular rental of the festival since it takes up in a suburban area Where intertwine various nationalities ."

May be worth a visit to see if it delivers!

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