Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Leonardo's view of Chateau d'Amboise..

 This is the view from Leonardo da Vinci's flattering statue on Ile d'Or,in the middle of the Loire river, looking towards Chateau d'Amboise where he was courted by king Francois I. The statue was apparently a gift
to Paris from the Republic of San Marino to France in 1935.  In 1976 the city presented this and other sculptures (which have since been returned) to the town of Amboise. In 2011 a plaque was added to commemorate the event although it does not give credit to its creator, thought to be from 1920 by Amleto Cataldi (Naples, 1882 - Rome, 1930).

Here is the statue itself...

which offers a number of possibilities for the photographer's subject!

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