Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Loire Valley chateaux...something for everyone, Chateau de Cande.

Guests who stayed recently at 'Les Balcons' a vacation rental in Le Grand Pressigny said one of the highlights of their visit was a visit to the delightful Chateau de Cande and its grounds. The chateau sits on the D87 just south of Tours so can easily be added to you chateaux visiting itinerary. It will not be on everyone's list but 

for returning visitors, as they were it is well worth the detour.

The main draw of this chateau for British and American visitors lies in the part it played in the history of the british monarchy, it was here that the wedding of Edward, Prince of Wales and American divorcee Wallis Simpson took place in 1937. It was an event that had the world's attention and you can relive the experience.

You can stand in the room where they married, the library where they signed the register...

You can also check out the wooden panel by the fireplace in the in the library where, at their host's request, their names were carved in the paneling. 

Or have your photograph taken on  the steps of the chateau where the couple presented themselves to the world's press.

Away from Edward and Wallis the chateau itself is worth the visit as it retains many of its original features,like its art deco bathrooms and each room is very well furnished.

The grounds of Chateau Cande are free to visit and ideal for picnicking...if its history doesn't attract you.

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