Sunday, 19 January 2014

Expect the unexspected....

The Loire Valley always throws up surprises...especially from a musical prospective...we have listened to a clavichord in a church, a harp in a chateau and a Rolling Stone tribute band in a pub - what more could you ask for? What about some Acid Rock Ska? You know you want it!

 We had the experience at the unlikely spot of the 'Salle de Fete' in the small Southern Touraine village of Chaumussay, The set was opened by three-sax-toting band 'Kestai' (pictured above) who gave a lively performance...of better things to come.


They were followed by a group from Paris (not the better things to come) fronted by an angry women...who took us back to the punk era with a squeeze-box and penny whistle - honest!

The head-liners,'Lemon Furia' came on at midnight by which time the audience had dissipated somewhat both in mind and body and showed them how it's done!

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